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About Us

    About Us

    XE2 is a Private Company, established in 2004. We provide high quality enterprise grade email and messaging solutions, building our business on our reputation for great customer service. Our team has delivered Exchange and other systems since the 1990s, for many thousands of users

    We work directly with businesses in Europe, North America and beyond, and we are a Services Partner for NTT Europe and for Interoute.

    We opened our US office in 2013 to serve our growing North American client base.

    Our promise is to use our experience, knowledge and skills, in conjunction with our partners, to deliver an outstanding hosted email solution for your Company.

    Adam Smith

    Adam is a co Founder of XE2. His background is in telecommunications and IP services. He was Managing Director of Telewest Business Communications (now part of Virgin Media) and subsequently MD of Nucleus Managed Services. He is also the founder of sQuid the eMoney business. His successful ventures are all characterised by their innovation around IP technologies.

    Adam was one of the early supporters of outsourcing of IT services such as email and applications hosting, building one of the first successful Hosted Exchange offerings at Telewest in 1999. He established the principles behind XE2 of offering excellent service at low cost, with reliable scalable technologies that could be leveraged by both smaller businesses and enterprises.

    John McGlashan

    Background - Telecommunications, IP Services, Marketing and Development.

    John has led many types and sizes of sales forces both in Europe and the UK John led a business to business sales force of 300 in Telewest that he focused on providing solutions to data and IP requirements for major Enterprises. He was also credited with delivering the first outsourced Hosted Application product set by a UK telecommunications Company.

    Who We Are

    We are a Microsoft and RIM Alliance Partner.

    XE2 started out by offering e-mail and mobile messaging based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange products. With increased demand for our customers for expert knowledge and services beyond pure email and exchange, we have expanded our business to include CRM, Archiving, BlackBerry and other Hosted applications. We are also proud to be the owner of Xe2 Mobility, the only application that enables, full read and write access to Public and Delegate Folders and Calendars. Our clients have come to rely on us completely to provide solutions to enable their businesses to grow and meet their communication demands without the need for capital investment in hardware and software.

    To guarantee these standards, we partner with NTT Europe, using their Tier 1 network infrastructure and data centres.

    As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the highest security and antivirus/antispam, we work with Symantec, and their hosted Symantec.cloud services.

    Our commitment to full service data communication to businesses is completed by our ability to provide 'the whole solution', including BlackBerry device/airtime and providing applications, backed by customer service that gives businesses and partners confidence to let us manage their communication resources, whilst they get on with business.

    Why XE2?

    We pride ourselves on the range and quality of what we do. Here are some reasons why it’s good to do business with XE2.

    100% world-class

    Our services are based on best-of-breed software and hardware products with some of the most trusted names in business today.

    100% network reliability

    NTT Europe Online host our services in their data centres which offers the highest possible security standards, together with tier 1 network performance, a defining platform and off site data storage.

    100% service support

    It’s our team that’s here for you – not a call centre. Our help desk is available throughout business hours and our 2nd tier technical support 24/7, of course. You can rest assured that your solution is being monitored day and night and preventative action taken if necessary, whatever the cost.We believe that our service is the best in the business, bar none.

    100% scalable

    If your business needs more, that’s no problem. We can add users or functionality whenever you want it.

    100% secure

    Our service includes archiving and back up that is done weekly with daily increments, so none of your data is ever lost. Our standards comply with the highest accreditations in the industry.

    100% available

    As a customer, you will be able to access your e-mail from a wide range of devices. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, Blackberry or other Windows Mobile PDA.

    100% cost effective

    You don’t need to invest capital sums in your messaging IT, or worry about maintenance and employee costs. Depreciation costs are no longer on your agenda either.

    We invest in the latest technology. All you need to do is concentrate on running your business the way that you want to.

    100% hassle-free

    All the costs of everything you need – hardware, software, security, back up, support, updates and maintenance – are included in your monthly service contract. It’s as simple as that.

    100% expertise

    Our team has been delivering Hosted Exchange systems since the late 90s for thousands of users. We have a proven knowledge of the IT outsourcing market, and a clear understanding the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    That’s not a boast; that’s the truth.

    Service Promise

    Here’s our promise to you.

    We’ll use our experience, knowledge and skills to:.

    thoroughly understand your business requirements
    deploy the right solution for you, and operate it cost effectively
    provide full service monitoring support, 24/7
    ensure scalability to meet your changing needs
    provide a very secure IT environment – either via NTT Europe data centres or at your own premises
    ensure that usage policies are in place
    We’ll be accountable for what we do – whether in hosted exchange services, or in services deployed on your own premises. Whether it’s in consultancy, deployment or maintenance..

    We’ll constantly invest in our partnerships with the best in the industry, and in our hardware and software too..

    Last, but not least, we’ll invest in the best people – so that you continue to get the best service and access to the best skills.

    Customer Retention

    We are proud of our record with customers. Currently, we think we have one of the lowest rates of churn in the hosted exchange business. Certainly, our level of service when measured against competitors is very good.

    Perhaps it’s our level of customer service allied to our depth of technical expertise that keeps our customers happy. Or perhaps it’s our bundle of services – including features like anti virus, anti spam, backup and disaster recovery – which are all included as part of the contract.

    Either way, if you are thinking of becoming an XE2 customer, we’d be delighted to talk to you further.

    What Our Customers Say

    Read some of our recent customer testimonials. We can provide more on request.

    sQuidcard’s Finance Director, Tom Newton,says " We reviewed who was doing what in this space, and felt XE2 demonstrated the right business approach. Too many of the e-mail providers actually turn out to be pretty amateur but with XE2 we discovered a team of very experienced and dedicated professionals, operating a high availability data centre in partnership with a recognised telco. They ran a trial for us, and created a simple easy to manage service, at a competitive price. For us the value of communications goes far beyond the price we pay each month. We have people travelling all over the UK, and they need to be in touch through BlackBerry and able to share calendars as well as manage much of the business through e-mail. XE2 delivers exactly what we need, and the customer portal is really helpful in cutting down administration time."

    ‘We felt we needed an expert to guide us through the set-up of Exchange 2007, and we had a lot of issues to manage in terms of ensuring e-mail would work effectively with Mac users as well as PC users,’ says Iwan Essery., Nucleus IT manager. ‘XE2 was able to integrate the services within a tight time frame, and following implementation have always been available to support issues and changes.’

    Our Partners

    NTT Europe - www.eu.ntt.com

    NTT Europe provides managed hosting, application management and security management solutions to enterprises globally. These solutions give the reliability, availability, security and scalability needed to underpin business success online.

    NTT Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, the international arm of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group (NTT Group), one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.


    Microsoft - www.microsoft.com

    Microsoft provides the premier platform for Software as a Service (SaaS), including all the core platform capabilities, tools and programs necessary to create powerful business solutions.

    The Microsoft SaaS product set is expanding to incorporate CRM and collaborative software, such as SharePoint. These extend the features and benefits of outsourced services to organisations of all sizes.

    XE2 is a Microsoft Partner.

    Symantec.cloud - http://www.symanteccloud.com

    More than 55,000 organisations, from small businesses to the Fortune 500 use Symantec.cloud to administer, monitor, and protect their information resources more effectively. There are 15 pre-integrated applications to help you secure and manage your business even as new technologies are introduced and traditional boundaries of the workplace disappear. Services are delivered on a highly scalable, reliable global infrastructure built across 15 datacentres around the globe. Symantec.cloud offers customers the ability to work more productively in a connected world.

    DELL/Quest Software - www.quest.com

    DELL/Quest develops innovative products that help businesses get more performance and more productivity from their applications, databases and Windows infrastructure.

    XE2 uses DELL/Quest Software’s ‘Archive Manager’ with their hosted Exchange email solution, to provide customers with email archiving, compliance and legal discovery functionality.

    BlackBerry - www.blackberry.com

    BlackBerry is a complete end-to-end solution that allows users to stay connected to corporate e-mail, calendar and much more. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is server software that integrates with Microsoft Exchange.

    BlackBerry version 7.1 enables Mobile Hotspot for up to five Wi-Fi devices at one.

    It provides users with secure access to their corporate e-mail, as well as additional features including corporate data access, wireless e-mail and calendar synchronisation and remote address lookup.

    Xe2 Mobility - www.xe2mobility.com

    Xe2 Mobility, a privately held company with customers in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe, has become the industry leader in mobile collaboration solutions. Xe2 Mobility was originally developed by the Xe2 Mobility in Canada and became part of XE2 in 2011. XE2's patented Xe2 Mobility technology continues to introduce many industry firsts to the mobile space.

    Xe2 Mobility provides collaboration solutions to private and public sector customers around the world.

    Federal, state, and local government clients rely on Xe2 Mobility to provide secure access to everything from calendars and contacts to emergency procedures and policy documentation.

    Private sector organisations across all industry verticals, ranging in size from corporate to SME clients, use Xe2 Mobility to reduce overhead and improve the efficiency of their mobile workers.

    Comparex - www.comparex-group.com

    Comparex is one of the leading manufacturer-independent IT enterprises in Europe, offering a comprehensive service portfolio which covers licensing of standardised software, software management, system support, proprietary software solutions and complete system-house services, in addition to financial services provided via its own subsidiaries.

    Comparex is the outright market leader in Europe within its core business of software licensing and licence management, and one of the world's leading IT providers of IT services.