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Professional Services

    Software design

    What is the key to great software design? The answer is simple, listen to the client. Here at XE2 we are good listeners. We realise that every client is an individual business is unique. This means that sometimes the out of the box software solution, does not fit like a glove. Sometimes some trickery tailoring is required to get the software glove to fit.

    We think about how you do business. We get the client to think about the tools they use. Are there many of these tools that work for them. Work arounds may work for the short term but are you working to your optimum? 85% of the time you are not. We will help you from ingesting the client information to data processing and everything in between, let us build an application that you need to fully optimise your business.

    Our team of Software Developers have a deep knowledge and extensive experience in all programming languages and architectures. Our experienced worldwide team of Engineers have developed innovative solutions for all size of companies.

    Managed Email

    Running your own on-premise dedicated Exchange solution is costly, time consuming and fraught with difficulty. Let XE2 manage your Exchange requirements with one of our solutions below. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best, running and growing your business.

    XE2 Hosted Exchange Email service gives you secure email, using Microsoft Office Outlook, locally installed or Outlook Web Access, all for a low cost per user per month. You can use your company’s own email address, access shared address books and amend work diaries.

    All your employees’ email, calendars and contacts are securely managed, and immediately accessible. Our unique customer portal gives you online control to set permissions, add or remove users, etc. And our 24-hour customer support is there if you need help.

    There are no set-up, hardware, software or support costs. Just a monthly pay as you go service. All our packages include anti-virus, anti-spam and data backup, and we can tailor the service to meet your requirements.

    XE2’s dedicated Exchange 2016 is based on a single server solution supported by a 99.5% application available SLA. XE2 provide all backend management of the service including service packs, security updates, backup and restore and 24x7x365 UK based support.

    This is a dedicated solution consisting of a single virtual server running on Microsoft Server Hyper-V infrastructure.

    The solution will offer the following access methods:

    • Outlook 2013/6
    • ActiveSync clients such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
    • Outlook Web Application
    • If required, secure POP3 and IMAP can also be enabled

    The service will compose of:

    • Hosted Exchange 2013/6 accessible from anywhere via secure connections
    • Forefront Protection for Exchange anti-virus
    • Backed up every hour
    • Monitored 24x7x365

    Client access via customer specified URL with SSL certificate

    Managed Azure

    Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled hybrid and public cloud capabilities, with the most comprehensive AI (artificial intelligence) services, as well as the largest number of data centre regions worldwide.

    For any business looking to refresh its IT infrastructure, we believe that Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of choice for delivering modern business IT solutions.

    Using our combined 40 years of cloud solution delivery experience we have a range of services to help businesses take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform.

    Some of these services include Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Modernisation, Cloud Desktop and Cloud Backup.

    XE2 has its own Azure Platform ready for your solutions to be integrated on to. Azure offers cost savings, flexibility, scalability and choice

    Let XE2’s Azure Managed Service provide you with comprehensive ongoing solution support and peace of mind.

    Managed Database

    Increasingly organisations are moving to managed services to Handle their IT infrastructure and tasks. Databases are no exception. Complimented by our vast experience in the cloud-based arena we can offer our clients a world class service.

    We can help and advise on how to launch your database with the push of a button. We can handle your maintenance operations and updates. You and your employees will be able to access and manage your databases through our azure platform or it could be programmed to use our API.

    Daily backups with point-in-time recovery is essential as your data is critical. That’s why we make sure it is backed up every day allowing you to restore data to any point within the previous seven days.

    If we were unfortunate to suffer a failure, our standby nodes with automated failover will ensure all Databases will automatically switch data handling to a standby node. All solutions are set to scale automatically so your databases will grow as your business moves forward.

    Your data will be encrypted using SSL. We use enterprise class SSD technology on all our managed Database deployments. Our team have over 25 years’ experience in coding in all flavours of SQL.

    Mobile devices

    XE2 is an independent supplier of iPhone, Android and Windows mobile, XE2 works with all the major network providers in the Offering flexibility of network choice and the best package for your requirements.

    One point of call for all of your communication and support needs, with 100% guarantee of personal service, provides our customers with continuity of communication and peace of mind. You’ll get straight through to someone in our UK based team. We bridge the gap between telecoms and IT, and empower you to make beneficial and informed decisions about your requirements, whether they be inter-company, international, mobile to mobile, or domestic, or all of the above.

    Our comparison network tool will find the best deal for your business and we have the large choice of networks, tariffs and handsets in the UK

    We aim to respond to customer service emails within 24 hours. We will also send you email reminders in advance of your contract ending so you'll have plenty of time to evaluate your requirements and find the best renewal deal.

    Our services include

    • Analysis and review of clients Existing Mobile device/plans
    • Detailed tariff analysis and report – including Tariff comparisons with all UK Networks
    • Device and Mobile Application procurement/ contract negotiation
    • Migration Planning
    • Active helpdesk

    Contact us by phone on 0845 555 0000 or by e-mail to sales@xe2.co.uk