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    Financial services software

    We are specialists in the Finance and Debt recovery market spaces. Our customers both here and in the US have benefit from our proven and established software models. We are experts in the issues surrounding Compliance both federal in the US and Nationally in the UK.

    Let us help you navigate through this tricky arena of financial products. Our experience makes us the go to supplier for Financial services.

    Customer portal software

    Having developed software for the likes of LGC, in the US, Squidcard in the UK and several aid agencies in the southern hemisphere is to does not matter if you require a web app or a client portal, we’re experts at using technology to build business efficiency and competitive advantage in all these areas and everything in between.

    Web apps

    From web apps to mobile apps, cloud-based or on-premise solutions, applying our methodology we can quickly and efficiently consult, design and build a finished application for you. If you need software that you can license to your own customers, this is known as white label software. We have built our own white label solutions and for our customers so they are able to offer it on a subscription basis as a new revenue stream for their company? In all circumstances, we can design, build, implement and support it.

    Azure services

    Migration from on premises to cloud services continues to grow for all size of business. We will show you how to enhance productivity and efficiency while still offering flexibility and agility that Azure managed services can bring to any organisation.

    We can offer companies Azure hosting on our own fully supported independent Azure stack running on our own servers based in the NTT data centre in Slough.

    Alternatively, we can house any of your requirements on our subscribed Azure Platform. Data location and disaster recovery options can be tailored to your companies’ individual needs

    Software Hosting

    Software hosting AKA Managed application hosting is vital to any business. It allows our clients to extend their development assets and experience by calling on us, in addition it frees our clients team to focus on their business. Having a resilient and stable platform for your application is improves your customers experience and the responsiveness of your business.

    You can easily develop, test and release code on the same platform but you will be using our staging areas we will have provided for you so you have the peace of mind of being able to roll back if needed and being supported by one of the market leaders in hosted solutions

    Business application software

    If you are considering introducing a bespoke business application into your business, they you will need a trustworthy and reputable company to build your operational bespoke software. However, it’s not just the building the software! You've found the right company to help. We have created numerous systems for organisations large and small across a variety of different sectors.

    We will be there from beginning to end.

    Database management

    Ensuring data is secure and that client’s databases are optimised for performance and availability is vital to our client’s business. It could be the difference between success and failure. Finding suppliers, you can trust has never been so important.

    Our Clients have access to many aspects of managed services we offer such as, database upgrades, installation, configuration, migrations we can guide our clients through the whole process.

    Managed email

    XE2’s Managed messaging team have been designing, building and managing dedicated Exchange environments either on premise or hosted in our data centres for clients since the late 1990’s. Our team of Certified Microsoft Engineers have built some of the most complex multi-site/country Exchange environments in existence today, and have developed a proven deployment methodology.

    Managed Archiving

    Archiving of data enables you to securely address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. We offer clients several options for archiving of their email if they are either hosted or on-premise exchange customers.

    As we have own server arrays in the NTT’s data centre in Slough, we are able to store clients archive data on secure servers. Clients can anytime access to this data through our own bespoke hosted software or using one of the many COTS clients.

    Managed mobile

    Working with our strategic partners XE2 offer fantastic deals on all the high street mobile phone tariff suppliers. We can beat the majority of high street deals being offered including business tariffs.

    We offer a free no obligation quote with our tariff checking service. Just call us with your current numbers and handsets and we will put together a tailored made package.

    Having XE2 manage all your mobile contracts allows you to concentrate on running your business

    Anti-virus & Anti-spam

    Security of systems data and emails is paramount to every business. Working with market leaders like Symantec and Sophos our clients are offered a plethora of options for defence against Virus or spam penetration. This is done at file source and also using Messaging gateway technologies.

    Our experience tells us that Blocking Email Threats with the High Effectiveness and Accuracy, helps prevent insidious email threats such as business email compromise, ransomware, and spam.

    Mobility App Development

    Approx. 80% of the world’s population are now using smartphones more than desktops to access the internet. Mobile app usage on the increase is it not a great time to invest in a mobile app?

    A well-structured, mobile app shows that businesses can thrive due to this market penetration. Our combined expertise of our US/UK team of mobile app developers can help you increase brand awareness and engagement with a fun, clever, fast, creative and interactive app

    Your app will need to be speedy and intuitive; surveys show that most of the real-time user community want access to their required within 3 clicks and 3 seconds. If not, they will simply move onto to one of your competitors. Let us show you how to avoid this.


    Sharing office-based resources on the move to mobile devices both efficiently and securely has been a problem for many of our clients for a long time. This is especially true with some of the Microsoft Outlook functions such as Public Folders.

    XE2 hit this problem head on and have built a mobile app that bridges this gap. Our patented mobility app uses a secure “reverse proxy” solution to Render internal based office content to a mobile device as a jpeg. The content can be viewed, discussed and then once the application is closed the rendered jpeg no longer exists. This security is particularly useful for environments that are handling sensitive data such as government bodies, police, solicitor’s and Doctors.

    Combine this with facility to access content inside the company’s firewall that is housed in Microsoft outlooks public folders and you have an extremely agile and secure addition to any company’s application arsenal.