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Third Party Software

    Microsoft Azure

    If you currently use Microsoft and your company is currently modernising your IT systems, you know it can be very frustrating integrating legacy systems and modern cloud technologies.

    You can Solve these business problems with proven combinations of Azure services and related products. If you’re just beginning in the cloud don’t’ despair we have years of experience developing cloud-based applications, we’ll help you get started with architectures designs, deployment and management of resources.

    Below are just a small set of examples of how using our Azure services can assist your business.

    • Your data and applications are protected! It does not matter where they reside. This avoids costly business interruptions. All your major IT systems are protected while ensuring apps work when you need them most.

    • Application development becomes much simpler and thus speeds up the process of building and testing applications across every platform.

    • Multi Operating systems are supported even if your preference is Unix. Hybrid cloud agility for your enterprise is possible with Red Hat solutions on Azure

    • Many applications can be utilised on one platform. SharePoint servers can be rapidly deployed and offer a cost-effective infrastructure. Give customers what they want with a personalised, scalable and secure shopping experience with Ecommerce. Microsoft Dynamics can Fuel business growth by bringing together enterprise resource planning and cloud services.

    Microsoft exchange

    Microsoft Exchange is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It runs exclusively on Windows Server operating systems.

    The current version, Exchange Server 2019, was released in October 2018. Unlike other Office Server 2019 products such as SharePoint and Skype for Business, Exchange Server 2019 can only be deployed on Windows Server 2019. One of the key features of the new release is that Exchange Server can be deployed onto Windows Server Core for the first time,

    XE2’s Exchange team have been designing, building and managing dedicated Exchange environments either on premise, or hosted, in our data centres for clients since the late 1990’s.Our team of Certified Microsoft Engineers have built some of the most complex multi-site/country Exchange environments in existence today, and have developed a proven deployment methodology.

    Our services are granular and designed to meet the specific needs of our clients regardless of the size of their organisation. Whether it’s on premise, Cloud or a Hybrid solution our team will work with you to identify the best fit for your business, ensure you save time, reduce costs and maximise your investment in Microsoft Exchange.

    Services Include;

    Solution Consultancy and best practice advice

    Project planning and Management

    Implementation, Migration and Decommissioning

    Ongoing Support


    SharePoint provides a professional, automated business platform onto which many other applications can be built. Since its introduction in 2001 it has been sold primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable. XE2 can show how agile SharePoint can be. The service can be built as a standalone installation. It can be hosted on managed servers or even on your cloud platform. We tailor SharePoint sites to the specific needs of our clients. Our services include:

    • Scope and design of individual SharePoint deployments

    • Installing and configuring SharePoint Office
    • Creating and configuring lists and document libraries
    • Security configuration
    • Search services configuration
    • The development of SharePoint site templates and themes including custom views
    • Training & Support + Maintenance Contracts


    CRM or Customer Relations Manager software have gone through a massive change since their first introductions back in the late 90’s. Originally they were simply a way of tracking your clients and your relationship with them. CRM’s have now grown into their own technological Eco Systems and are now referred to as Unified Applications. Typically, Unified apps handle a lot more these days such as some of the points below:

    • Data driven insights that will allow you to make better business decisions faster

    • You will be able to service your customers more efficiently by creating a more meaningful engagement with a comprehensive customer view.

    • AI driven business insights allow you to operate more cost effectively and efficiently.

    Each of our clients we work for is unique, we develop custom-made solutions that incorporate the best mix of Unified apps. Our Professional Services team assists customers wishing to take advantage of the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics.

    If a client does not wish to work on Dynamics we can work with other developers and resellers to source the best solution for our client. Our versatility extends to the installation and configuration of Dynamics, Zoho, Sales Radar to name a few. Our team can also help you with the development of plug-ins, customer work flows and custom pages on all these platforms.

    In addition, we can build you a bespoke end to end unified app.

    Symantec Cloud

    We are proud to work with our partner Symantec. Their platform the Symantec.Cloud is a management platform that helps businesses administer, monitor, and protect enterprise information resources more effectively.

    XE2 can help you secure and manage your business even as new technologies are introduced and traditional boundaries of the workplace disappear. Services are delivered on a highly scalable, reliable global infrastructure.

    Here is just some of what Symantec cloud can do:

    • Stop spear phishing emails with multiple layers of protection, threat isolation, spam filtering, advanced security email analytics, built-in user awareness, education tools, and more.
    • Block the latest ransomware with content defence, sandboxing, and link protection technologies that detect emerging, stealthy, and zero-day attacks.
    • Defeat business email compromise with impersonation protection, sender authentication enforcement and brand protection controls.
    • Protect your brand reputation by using automation to solve the practical issues of enforcing sender authentication (DMARC, DKIM and SPF) with Symantec Email Fraud Protection.
    • Expose and stop the stealthiest threats by applying insights gathered from the world’s largest global intelligence network.

    Talk to one of the team……


    Email security is now one of businesses primary security concerns. 59% of organizations will suffer negative business impact from an email-borne attack this year

    XE2 are an MSP Partner with Mimecast who supply one of the most comprehensive suite of Email security products on the market today. We have helped clients both large and small to adopt the Mimecast security products.

    We offer clients a fully managed service or we can simply set-up your access to the Mimecast Platform and handover the day to administration to yourselves. With the required training, of course.

    Let’s look at some of the services offered by Mimecast:

    • Secure Email Gateway
    • URL Protect
    • Attachment Protect
    • Impersonation Protect
    • Internal Email Protect